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Our Projects.

Our clients do great work. We prove it.

We use methods of applied research and data analytics to work collaboratively with human-centered organizations across public, private and nonprofit sectors. We work to catalyze social change by increasing the capacity of clients' teams to think theoretically about their work, to collect impact data, and to make evidence-based decisions.

Our Clients

We collaborate with organizational leaders, staff, and board members across sectors to equip teams with the skills and information needed to make data-driven decisions that maximize performance and social impacts.

Our Case Studies

Our work speaks for itself.


Our goal: Determine the social impact of the Racial Equity Institute (REI), specifically its effect on dismantling institutional racism.

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Our goal: Provide baseline results to evidence and track impacts of microcredit programs on the goals of women’s empowerment, poverty reduction and community development.

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Our goal: Provide the evidence needed to both validate the fidelity of program model implementation and to set baselines for evaluating implementation at other program sites.

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