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We believe your mission should be…

well, the mission itself.

Not the struggle to gather evidence needed to evaluate the impact of your work. Achieving and maintaining success as a non-profit has a lot of moving parts and at the end of the day, proving that shouldn’t add to your “to do list.” 

Our team are experts at evaluating your performance metrics, streamlining systems and implementing strategies for growth to ensure you have what you need to secure consistent funding, as well as motivating partners and supporters to dedicate resources to their work.

Needs Assessment
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We can help you articulate your vision or amplify your voice

Organizations often launch programming to address needs vaguely defined by a funder or community partner rather than those specifically identified by the actual beneficiaries. Without the input of the people being served, non-profit executives or community leaders become discouraged when well-intentioned guesswork pours precious resources into projects that fail to produce the expected results. 

Program needs assessment can help articulate the vision of a charitable donor or the scope of an activity, while community needs assessment can amplify the voice of the people being served. By putting both sets of priorities on the same page, our needs analysis pushes clients to discover the precise language of informed goal-setting.

Social Impact Asssessment

Our baseline analysis prioritizes local knowledge, and we commit to measuring stakeholder engagement through continued collaboration. We don’t just produce a one-time evaluation report that ignores emergent needs or a regression analysis that omits long-term impacts for program participants. 

Ongoing monitoring and reporting is essential in managing the social consequences of policies, programs, and business initiatives. Without it, identification of direct and indirect impacts becomes increasingly difficult over time. 

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Because buy-in for stakeholders isn't always a sure thing.

Program Evaluation
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Taking a qualitative approach reduces the guesswork of what’s really working 

Our approach to program data analysis is designed for the diversity of social interventions. When evaluating social programs, we recognize the power of pairing quantitative outcomes with a qualitative approach. But whether we are collecting job retention data or conducting in-depth staff interviews on perceived program goals, we adapt to a client-specific context for the most effective program impact evaluation.

Strategic Planning

Almost every organization in the social sector requires staff to juggle multiple roles with limited resources, so most lack the internal capacity to engage in evidence-informed program design. Our approach to strategic planning prioritizes data-driven nonprofit analysis and development. We also empower clients to use the tactics of strategic planning consultants, so they are equipped to develop their own social enterprise strategy.

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“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” – Thomas Edison 

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