The prospect of seeking outside help for nonprofit and government strategic planning can be daunting, especially for organizations unfamiliar with the tools or even the terminology of program evaluation and needs analysis.

That’s where we come in.

Empowering organizations to be data-driven.


You do great work … we can prove it.

Mpowrd Analytics has equipped socially oriented organizations to employ data-driven decision making beyond the confines of traditional nonprofit consulting.

Our Services

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Whether you’re a nonprofit or a social enterprise, the needs of every client are different, that’s why we employ both a quantitative and a qualitative approach.

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From baseline analysis, to ongoing monitoring & reporting, we know the value comes from measuring more than once.

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Needs assessment in determining programming isn’t a “one size fits all.” We take the guesswork out of effective, appropriate resource allocation.

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We empower clients to use the tactics that evolve from collaborative strategic planning to develop their own social enterprise strategy.


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